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19 Feb
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The new 2019-nCoV strain of Coronavirus identified in the city of Wuhan in China is causing significant concern around the world.

As of February 11, the World Health Organization announced that the respiratory disease caused by the new coronavirus has been called COVID-19. The abbreviation is a summary of the terms CO-rona VI-rus D-isease and the year of identification, 2019.

Coronaviruses are viruses found in many animal species (such as camels and bats) and only rarely do they evolve to infect humans and then spread to the population. What is currently spreading had never been identified.

The most common symptoms caused by Coronoavirus in humans are fever, cough and respiratory crisis and in severe cases they cause pneumonia, kidney failure and even death.

Common coronaviruses cause short-lived symptoms such as a cold, runny nose, headache, cough, sore throat, fever and a general feeling of being unwell.

The people most at risk are the elderly and those who have heart disease

The symptoms of this virus are similar to those of a classic flu, so if you are suspicious it is good to undergo laboratory tests. Obviously those who have traveled to areas affected by the Coronavirus (in China) or have worked with infected people are at high risk.

At the moment there is no specific therapy for this new Coranvirus nor much less vaccines available.

The only therapy currently used is based on the symptoms presented by the patient.

The new Coronavirus is a virus that affects the respiratory tract and its mode of spreading occurs mainly through contact with the saliva of infected people such as in cases of coughing or sneezing, or through direct personal contact or by touching for example with contaminated hands ( do not wash) your mouth, eyes or nose.

The new coronavirus has an incubation period ranging from 2 to 12 days; the maximum precautionary limit is 14 days.

In all cases it is good to always remember to have a correct hygiene of surfaces and hands. It is useful to say that the use of alcohol-based cleaners is sufficient to kill the virus, as well as disinfectants that contain 75% alcohol (ethanol) or 1% chlorine-based (bleach).

Even if respiratory viruses are not transmitted with food, in this case it is absolutely necessary and fundamental to comply with all hygiene rules.


What kind of prevention to do in this period?

Surely to reduce the risk of infection it is necessary to protect yourself and the atria by following a series of precautions.

As personal prevention it is good to wash your hands often with soap and water or with an alcoholic solution in cases where:

– coughed or sneezed;

– one patient was assisted;

– before, during and after the preparation of meals and food in general;

– before eating;

– after going to the bathroom;

– after touching the animals;

– in general always when the hands are dirty in any way.

If you need to provide care to people or family members in hospitals, you should follow the advice of healthcare professionals who provide care.

In addition to yourself, it is good to follow a preventive prophylaxis for others too.

In case of respiratory infection or cold, it is good to cover one’s nose and mouth when coughing or sneezing (using a handkerchief or covering oneself with the internal elbow); if you used a handkerchief after using it, it is good to throw it away and wash your hands before offering them to others; if you covered your mouth and nose in case of sneezing or coughing, you should always wash your hands.


The World Health Organization recommends wearing a mask only if you suspect you have contracted the new coronavirus and have symptoms such as coughing or sneezing or if you are caring for a person with suspected new coronavirus infection (recent trip to China and symptoms respirators).


Australia visa

The procedures for applying for a visa to Australia have not changed, the procedure remains the same. No changes have been made to the travel permit application procedures for Australian territory. In order to obtain the eVisitor visa for Australia dedicated to European citizens, it is necessary to fill in the application form and wait 24H to get the response.

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