How long can my trip to Australia last?

With an ETA visa you are authorized to stay on Australian territory for a maximum of 90 days, for each visit.

When should my visa request be submitted?

The final limit for submitting an ETA Visa application is no less than 72 hours before departure.

What is the actual difference between ETA and eVisitor visa?

The difference between the two visas is only the nationality of the applicant: the ETA visa is for citizens of countries like the US, Japan, and Hong Kong (You can find a complete list on our home page), while the eVisitor visa is reserved for citizens with a European Community passport. Both are tourist visas and have very similar conditions.

I am a US citizen. Which visa should I request?

Citizens of the United States of America, as well as those of Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Malaysia, must apply for an ETA visa to enter Australia.

How long does it take to get permission?

Requesting a visa on our site is very simple and will not take more than a few minutes. As for receiving the actual permit, usually it does not take more than 24 hours in most cases. Nevertheless, we always recommend to apply for your Visa at least two weeks before departure, since not all the cases are processed on the same day and that sometimes the Australian government offices can also employ ten days to decide to grant a visa.

I have to leave for Australia tomorrow, but I did not request my ETA visa. What do I have to do?

It is also possible to apply for a visa in this situation, but it is absolutely not guaranteed that the permit will be issued in time. You can apply for a visa to Australia directly at the airport with an urgent procedure, but the costs are very high.

What if after a few days my visa to Australia it has not yet been delivered?

Most likely, the document was sent to you and ended up in the junk mail folders, which many e-mail reading programs indicate as “Spam”, “Bulk Mail” or “Junk email”. Check: If you find it in those folders, we recommend that you tell your program that it’s not spam. This will solve the problem, and subsequent communications will normally be delivered to your Inbox.

I received my Visa by e-mail, but I can not print it. How should I do?

No paper copy of ETA or eVisitor visas is required. Both are actually electronically linked to the passport number of the request; if you have a visa confirmed, this will result in an automatic way on the terminal of the employees to the controls, at the start.

What is the overall validity of my Visa?

The visa expires with the expiry of your passport, and in any case no later than 1 year from the date of issue. Throughout this time you will have permission to access the Australian territory whenever you want, while respecting the maximum limit of 90 days per visit.

My ETA visa is expiring. Is it possible to renew it?

It is absolutely necessary condition for the renewal of the ETA visa to be outside the Australian territory. In addition to this it is obviously necessary to respect all the other conditions of release, and not to have been involved in any kind of illegal activity during the stay in the country.

My ETA visa is expiring, and I am still in Australian territory. Can I have to renew?

No: the ETA visa can not be renewed if you are in Australia. It is necessary to request a different visa.

Is it possible to make cumulative requests that include all my family?

Unfortunately no: each family member must separately request an ETA visa. Warning: this also applies to children of any age, even if they are registered on the parent’s passport. For this reason, it may happen that not all members of a family receive a visa on the same day, or even that some of them see the request rejected.

My ETA or eVisitor visa allows me to attend an English course while I am in Australia?

Yes, as long as the course does not last more than three months granted for each visit to the country within the total duration of the visa.

I am a European citizen. My visa eVisitor allows me to work in Australia?

Absolutely and rigidly not. Tourist visas categorically forbid working: to obtain that permission, a special and different visa must be requested.

I made a compilation error, or would like a refund. It's possible?

At the time of payment of the service, the visa application is forwarded, and from that moment the reimbursement becomes impossible. In case you have made mistakes in filling in, please contact us immediately via the contact form on this site.

What should I do if I have a visa refused?

It is only the Australian Department of Immigration that decides whether or not to grant a visa. If your request is rejected, our advice is to make an appointment with the Australian Embassy or Consulate, as well as to identify and possibly solve your problem.

I lost my passport for which I had submitted a visa application. How should I do?

The ETA visa is linked to the passport number, so you must immediately notify the new passport number (without having to apply for a new visa.) If this is not done, it is likely that you will be stopped on departure because the data will not match.

How does the customs work in Australia?

Australian law prohibits importing drugs, steroids, weapons (including firearms) and protected animals into the country, as well as fresh and packaged foods, seeds, peels, and feathers. Import of cash is permitted but must be reported. More complete references can be found at the address

Which currency do you use in Australia?

The country’s currency is the Australian dollar, AUD, and can easily be changed at banks, hotels and airports. All major credit cards are accepted.

Are there any special taxes?

There is a 10% tax on goods and services, called GST. For purchases in a single store for a value of at least 300 AUD, you can request a refund upon departure from Australia, provided that the purchase dates back to no more than 30 days before, at the branches of the TRS, Tourist Refund Scheme, at all the departure areas of international airports.

Do you need electric adapters?

Yes: the electricity in Australia is 220-240 volts, 50 Hz AC, but the three-hole power socket is characteristic of the country and does not directly accommodate the plugs of foreign domestic appliances.

How is the telephone coverage?

The cellular coverage network theoretically covers the whole country, but some of the many isolated areas could give connection problems.

I want to work, or study, during my trip to Australia. How can I do?

As for the study, the normal eVisitor visa allows studying up to a maximum of twelve weeks. For longer periods, there is a Student Visa (500) which requires, however, to register in advance for a course of study.

For the job, the question is more complex.

For travelers aged between 18 and 30 coming from a specific list of countries, it is possible to apply for a special visa that allows you to work during your stay in Australia, for a maximum of 12 months. This is the Working Holiday Visa (417) and the Work and Holiday Visa (462).

If what you want to do is open a short-lived business, the visa you need is the Temporary Work-Short Stay Activity (400).

If you are looking for a visa to work on longer times, the options are still different. There is the Visa Sponsor, which provides that an employer offers you a specific contract. To access it you need to have specific skills, and can last 2 or 4 years. For a permanent transfer, there are finally the Skilled Visa – which only applies to specific professions considered interesting by the Australian Government – or the General Skilled Migration Scheme, which even allows permanent immigration. However, the latter’s criteria are really very exclusive and difficult to reach.

More detailed data on eligibility, obligations and requests can be found at the address